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Brazilian festival

- Rio upon Thames

Brazilian festival – Rio upon Thames

RioUponThamesLogoOn the 23rd and 24th July, Quilombo UK will be host to a one-off Brazilian festival – Rio upon Thames. Held in the Kingston market place over both days (between 10 am and 5 pm), it will provide everyone with the chance to attend various performances and participate in creative workshops and activities. Working together with Professor Marcus Cabeca’s Capoeira school, we will celebrate in the spirit of the 2016 Rio Olympics and South American culture with Samba music, dancers and other art performers.


“This festival will immerse the people of Kingston in the rich flavours, sounds, colours and cultures that make up Brazil. There will be Brazilian music, dancers, freestyle footballers – all the things that people associate with Brazil and what makes it such a culturally significant country. About 50,000 people a day visit Kingston and we want them to see and celebrate our culture. To tie in with the Olympic theme we are holding opening and closing ceremonies in the market place. We will also hold a small parade that will go around the market place and will feature members of Kingston community groups, sport groups and performing arts troupes.”
– Marcus Vallinari, Chairman of Quilombo UK

However, not only the rich Brazilian culture will be celebrated, but also the diversity of the borough, which Quilombo UK is working towards enhancing through many more activities over the year. We invited different community groups and organised a variety of short creative games to teach people to embrace and celebrate cultural and social differences and acknowledge their potential unconscious bias. Our ultimate goal is to inspire participants to think differently and understand how to build cohesive communities.

Through the partnerships we have built with key local stakeholders and sponsors, we believe we can reach out to many people that already work towards similar goals or want to start! That is why YOU are invited – bring your friends, colleagues, cultural communities and ideas and let us celebrate Brazil and local diversity.

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