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One off donation
No matter how big or small
A donation to Quilombo UK makes an amazing difference.
We rely on the support of people like you.
Regular Donation
By making a regular donation you are helping us to combat prejudice and discrimination and making a positive change to the community.
Regular donations give us security and fund our programme long term.
They are the only way we can plan for the future and ensure we continue to make a difference.
We have a successful donations programme that helps us raise money to achieve our goals.
If you would like to donate any items to us please contact us

Where your money goes 

  1. For every £1 you give to Quilombo UK
  2. 75p of it goes direct to our work in the community and our campaigning work
  3. 15p of it is spent on support costs
  4. 10p is invested to generate funds

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