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Our current projects are all under the heading of “Inspire”.

They are projects to inspire our community to think differently and be the change they want to see in the community.

We will be:

i) Challenging stereotypes: If I were to tell you a story about an individual without disclosing their physical features would you be able to identify their identity? Would you have a preconceived perception? We will be unveiling personal inspirational stories to give the audience the chance to identify them according to their own judgment and raising awareness of the issue of unconscious bias.

ii) Cultural Treasure Hunt: We live in same towns yet still communities exist. Our “Treasure hunt” will involve visiting other communities in order to broaden knowledge. Every community has a cultural belief that they treasure. These beliefs keep the community together regardless of whichever part of the world they happen to live in. We want to share these cultural treasures so that we can value each member of our society equally.

iii) Community scene – we will create a short scene as a creative way to make people realize how their eyes can be deceiving. We want the event to raise awareness in our society that people are misjudged because of their appearance. It is not the eyes that are at fault but the mind that is in control of it.

iv) Changing for your Change – we will be measuring the discrimination that people can face as a result of their appearance or choice. We will be discovering what the root of prejudice and unacceptance is, towards people who dress outside the norm

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