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Other Past Projects


Donations to Brazil

In summer 2014, Quilombo UK collected clothes and toys to go as donations to Brazil. Our chairman, Marcus Vallinari, transported the donated goods to Brazil and helped distribute them. Many office-style clothes were also donated, in order to help less fortunate families and enable them to professionally present themselves when looking for employment. With support from the Brazilian Embassy and various airlines, we hope to be able to repeat this charitable project.

Homeless Project

In 2010, we hosted a creative workshop with the homeless, members of the local community and police. The aim of the workshop was to make a musical instrument from scratch but with the parallel objective of developing confidence and bringing together the local community and services with those in sheltered accommodation. It was a two day workshop that was inspiring for all involved and played a small but important part in helping to break down stereotypes and

Inspiring young people to be fit and active while encouraging cross cultural understanding

In 2010, we also received our first National Lottery grant from Awards for All that enabled us to run a week long schedule of classes and activities to help get kids fit while also teaching them about cultural diversity.