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About Us


AboutUs1Quilombo UK is an outreach charitable organisation seeking to mediate between the various cultures and groups that are found in the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames, with the ultimate aim of contributing to a cohesive and thriving community. Through creative activities such as workshops and events, as well as different teaching sessions, we encourage large and small cultural groups from Kingston to think differently and meet each other in the middle to enjoy the local diversity, hence encouraging inclusion of minority groups. We firmly believe that bringing the majority together with minorities and teaching both groups about acceptance and adaptation is the way to foster strong relationships and a great Kingston community.

Our communication with the community is set to develop and maintain partnerships with organisations and community groups that work with us towards enhancing diversity and unity. Any involvement with our organisation and our cause is welcome, we like to work towards the same goals as the community we live in. Our current stakeholders include arts and sports organisations, cultural organisations, organisations focussing on youth issues, schools and universities.

Furthermore, in preparation of events and at these, we conduct research to assess people’s perceptions regarding stereotypes and perceived characteristics of particular communities and follow up with cultural education to broaden people’s views of each other and foster not only tolerance, but positive enjoyment in each other’s company.


AboutUs2Quilombo: Brazilian word used to describe the settlement of freed slaves. The place where those who fled captivity came together with those brave enough to think differently and disagree with slavery. Together they formed one community, alive with culture, music, dance and life.

Just like this, our vision is to inspire Kingston residents to think differently about stereotypes, preconceptions and to discover and change their potential hidden biases. We wish for a place of opportunity for all cultures of greater and smaller communities.

Transforming the Kingston-upon-Thames community: we wish Kingston to be a well-integrated community that not only tolerates but celebrates social and cultural differences. We invite you to join our cause for the common good. The world starts here! Let’s make Kingston a beacon for the world.

Thinking differently and:

  • Uniting the community to create a shared set of values
  • Promoting mutual respect in the collective community and informing teaching about the multiplicity of human faces and cultures that coexist here.
  • Running a Volunteer Programme and support through Educational & Training Providers.

What we believe


  • The positive impact of cultural diversity
  • Celebrating & being open to cultural differences can help overcome and prevent racial tensions.
  • Inspiring people to think differently and daring them to acknowledge how their own preconceptions can influence the behaviour of others.