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Carnival 2016

Quilombo UK at Kingston Carnival 2016

Quilombo UK at Kingston Carnival 2016

On the 4th September, Quilombo UK will be participating in the annual Kingston Carnival. Hosted in various places in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (High Street, Market Place, Memorial Gardens, All Saints Church and Rose Theatre) between noon and 7pm, the aim of the event is to enable communities to come together and celebrate diversity through music and culture.

We will provide all participants with the chance to attend various performances and take part in creative activities to commemorate the diversity of the borough. We will be celebrating this diversity by hosting many other activities over the year to break stereotypes and encourage open-mindedness and tolerance amongst the local residents.

14053934_516467691897708_3837680643288602286_oEveryone is invited to visit our ‘Inspire’ stall and play the Diversity Game, which is a short quiz aimed at unveiling the unconscious bias in a fun and interactive way, thus addressing important issues in a more approachable way. An optical illusion jigsaw puzzle will also be used to demonstrate how things can be seen differently, even if not at first sight; this will encourage participants to think differently and approach people with less preconceptions, so that the community can, in the end, thrive together.

Our activities will make people stop and think differently – about cultural differences, groups from various backgrounds and their (potential) unconscious bias against these. So, you are invited to bring your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, thoughts and let’s celebrate the local diversity.

Kingston Carnival is an enormous cultural encounter in the borough and it brings all communities together in an immense celebration of the diversity through music and culture. We are really glad to commemorate the variety of culture in Kingston upon Thames with all visitors – Marcus Vallinari, Chairman of Quilombo UK

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