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PDP (Professional Development Programme)

PDP for individuals:

What is the PDP?

The Professional Development Programme (PDP) at Quilombo UK is designed to support university and higher education students, existing professionals changing their career paths, and experienced professionals new to the UK labour market into employment in their chosen careers.

What are the benefits?

By participating in the PDP, individuals can gain valuable experience and skills that can increase their long-term prospects and opportunities. Those who wish to take their engagement and experience further can also pursue team leader and assistant manager roles.

The PDP offers participants a full induction, role-specific manuals, training videos, regular team leader reviews, and periodic reviews with the CEO. Participants are given business-critical tasks and are held accountable for their delivery.

Does it fit my needs?

Participants can apply to undertake roles in a number of departments including:

  • Human Resources
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Research
  • Project Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Sound Engineers
  • PR
  • Bid Writing
  • IT

Our participants through the departmental structure work to deliver all aspects of a project. Providing participants with a chance to provide community benefits at the same time as boosting their employability skills.

PDP for organisations:

The PDP has been effective in helping participants gain access to work or work-related experience, and has shown particularly strong results for BAME participants.


Take Part in our PDP

If you are interested in taking part in the Professional Development Programme, you can find roles we are advertising on a number of recruitment platforms – including:


Charity Job

Do It

Volunteering Kingston

V Inspired


Please also feel free to email our HR team at: HR@QuilomboUK.com or volunteering@quilombouk.com with your CV if you are interested in volunteering.


Support our Professional Development Programme?

There are a number of ways you can support our Professional Development programme, including:

  • Commissioning Projects or Training Courses
  • Becoming A Mentor
  • Volunteering your Time
  • Becoming an Ambassador
  • Advertising your paid roles with our participants

If you would be interested in supporting our programme, finding out more about becoming a mentor or ambassador, or learning about the work we do, please email us at info@QuilomboUK.com

You can support us through  Local Giving  

The skills I have learnt in Quilombo UK have given me an opportunity to have an internship in recruitment.

Fanta, Quilombo Volunteer

My experience of Quilombo UK is that of an ambitious and innovative community outreach team.

Mark, Quilombo Volunteer